Dinosaurs ruled the planet for thousands of years. For thousands of years, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The Jurassic Period has fascinated people since the dawn of humankind. Microgaming’s Dino Might is a Jurassic period-inspired game that shows how this fascination can spread to other forms of media and entertainment.

Dino Might is a slot machine that takes us to the prehistoric era. Dino Might has a T-Rex at its center. Will it roar as everyone expects? We put it through its paces to determine how powerful the game is.

Back in Time

Dino Might casts a big shadow. It looks fantastic on the screen. Microgaming created this slot in a comic book style. The symbols and colors stand out. The title banner looks ready to punch right through the net.

The old letter and number symbols are not used in this slot machine. Dino Might uses brightly colored dinosaurs, fauna, and creative ideas for the remaining special characters, such as a fly in amber.

Custom – Brilliantly designed and crafted

You have recreated a lot of slot machines before. There are many of these on the online casino market. This has, unfortunately, led to control panels that are cookie-cutter. Microgaming looked at the slot and designed a control panel that looks unique.

Roaring loudly

The bottom of your screen is a little paradise. The screen has two sections. On the left, you can see your balance and coins. You’ll see a display with spins, lines, and currency information. Click on the buttons beneath each line to interact with the show. There are buttons for autoplay, selecting bars and coins (bet maximum), spinning, etc. The players were made to feel at ease. You will always understand this casino slot.

Epic bonuses

Dino Might features 25 paylines on five reels—many ways to win. The bonus features will entertain you. Dino Might is a wild symbol. This symbol doubles your winnings when used to complete a payout line.

Triggersaurus rex

You should look out for one particular dinosaur when playing Dino Might. This dinosaur is called Triggersaurus.

Flipping fossils

The last bonus of this game is activated if three or more scatters are seen on the reels. This symbol is the fossilized fly. On the new screen, you will see a grid of 7×3. Continue to pick squares until you get four identical symbols. You will acquire an instant win and a multiplier for your wager.

Dino Might – dynamite!

Dino Might should be on your list of casino slots. Dino Might has some of the boldest graphics and an excellent gameplay mechanism.

Dogfather Slots

A portrait that is recognized by all. It’s not the Mona Lisa. It is a famous picture of dogs playing poker. Canines lived an exciting life. They smoked cigarettes and drank Scotch. They played poker and wore suits for money. Based on the artwork, new casino slots are trying to take the game to the next level. Microgaming has released a new online space called Dogfather.

The theme of this game is quite bizarre. It will likely catch many people by surprise. We’ve learned that you can’t judge a video game based on its cover. We dug into Dogfather to see what it was all about.

Home for All Breeds

Dogfather is a stunning game. It has all the Microgaming quality we have come to expect. This game has an attractive graphical design that will captivate you. Designers took inspiration from the famous image and used similar concepts. Dogs of different breeds are personified in different ways. You can see Rottweiler siblings, Dane’s bodyguards, and a Mutt as a leader.

Mobster references include revolvers with spikes, brass knuckles, and a cigar.

This game has its charm. This game has a lot of exciting graphics, including a bunny and a fire hydrant.

Dog Tags and More

The user interface of this game has its charm. You can see the user interface at the bottom. The interface is entirely bespoke. Look for the fire hydrant on the bottom left. Click the “+” or “-” buttons on the right to adjust your bet.

Three buttons are on the right, each with a dog tag. These dog tags represent the lines, coins, and maximum bet. Above each button, you will find the corresponding display. The spin button is on the right side, next to the golden biscuit. Small details like the dog tag or fire hydrant enhance the theme.

A deal you can’t refuse

This is a 20-payline, 5-reel casino slot. It’s more than that. The game will show you how much money you have won when you win. Each payline is highlighted in a different color. There are many ways to win. You’ll first notice that the Wild Symbol will activate automatically to complete your payline. Watch out for the Dogfather Dog, as he’s the wild symbol.

Fleas can be a problem.

You will get thirteen free games if you have three or more of the flea symbols. The free games will triple all wins.

Marking Your Territory

Mark Your Territory is one of many bonus games. This bonus game will be activated when you land on three or more fire hydrants. Then you will be taken to a new screen with twelve fire hydrants. You can choose as many hydrants as you want to activate the feature. After you select the hydrants, their value will be revealed. This will multiply the initial bet.

A tribute to the Dogfather

Dogfather is an excellent slot because it isn’t fearless in trying something new. Dogfather is a unique slot game with a fantastic soundtrack.