The world of online slots is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Since its inception, and with the evolution of the technologies of the development houses, the number of users has grown without precedent, and the creators always seek the path of constant change. The developers have developed many new game mechanics (remember Big Time Gaming’sGaming Megaways), and some even tried VR slots.

Although online slot playing may seem easy to make money, it’s not. We’ve completed a lot of progress to get here. This section will look at the history and evolution of slot machines, starting with their inception.

The origin of the first slot apparatus can be traced back to 1891. Most slot experts agree that it was released on this date. However, even the most experienced player today would struggle to recognize it! Sittman and Pitt created the machine using actual playing cards and five rotary motors. It was only 5 cents to use and became very popular in pubs and bars across North America.

Charles Augustus Fey, an entrepreneur, decided that slot machines had more potential than they realized and created a device that would automatically reward players. This marked a significant change from the Sittman or Pitt machines, which required you to ask your waiter for your prize if you won.

Fey created a slot machine called Liberty Bell. It automates the payout process and eliminates physical playing cards. Instead, symbols are used. He used Bells, Cherries, and other fruits familiar to us and associated with slot machines. The Liberty Bell slot machine gained popularity quickly and was soon copied and conquered all US territories. Slot machines were, however, banned in 1902. However, they were only for a short time, as new machines were invented just a few years later.

The Birth of Electromechanical Slots

1964 saw the commencement of a new era in slots when an American developer called Bally released Money Honey, an electromechanical slot machine. This was the first slot machine free of mechanical parts and components. To play, players had only to move the joystick.

Las Vegas Video Slots

Ten years later, the creation and promotion of slot machines were reshaped when Fortune Coin, a California-based business, built a 19-inch Sony TV with slot graphics.

This innovative idea was a huge success. Soon, casinos across Las Vegas offered this type of slot machine to their customers. The Nevada Gaming Commission approved the prototype, and IGT purchased the company a few years later. This made IGT one of the most prominent players in the iGaming market.

Slots evolved from this point forward, adding new technology to enhance their games. Soon bonus rounds, including free spins or pick-and-win rounds, appeared.

Progressive Jackpots were introduced

The popularity of progressive jackpots was also immense in the world slot industry. These prizes offered casino patrons the chance at life-changing prizes for as little as a few cents.

Many Las Vegas casinos offered multi-million dollar jackpots. This led to an instantaneous rise in the popularity of slots. It wasn’t too long before online slots became available.

The Appearance Of Video Slots

Once it was evident that the internet would change the world for the better, slot developers got down to work.

Microgaming was one of the first to offer entirely virtual slot machines. A random number generator powered these slots, and players could also download them from dealers.

Revolutionary Online Slots

Online casinos became increasingly popular, and the quality of the games increased. NetEnt, a great industry pioneer, began to create high-quality HD video slots that could easily be played online.

NetEnt’sNetEnt’s Gonzo’sGonzo’s Quest video slot, one of the most popular online slots ever created in 2009, changed the face and future of the industry. It featured new mechanics and unavailable features, so other studios quickly took notice.

Since the late 2000s/early 2010, hundreds of slot developers have emerged, all determined to claim their share of this multi-billion-dollar industry. While many games still adhere to the traditional five reels, 3-line format, with free and free spins round, some developers have gone to great lengths. Big Time Gaming is one of these pioneers in iGaming, with its Megaways mechanics.

Megaways changed the way we slot gaming. It has been clear for years that players want slots that pay big. Today, you can find some of the most volatile slot games ever created, with payouts exceeding 1000,000.

The Future of Slots

The world of casino games is still undergoing significant development. This includes social gaming and virtual reality. Developers are willing to continue innovating and incorporating new concepts. They are open to new ideas and concepts in their video slot games.

Look at any significant developer’s catalog, and you will find that all of them offer new and exciting ways to play slot games. Online slot fans have been highly impressed by the Megaways of Big Time Gaming and NetEnt’s Infinireels.